Episode 61: The Journey to TedX with Dr. Shana Lewis PhD, LPC, NCC

In this episode, keynote speaker, author, and licensed counselor Dr. Shana Lewis joins me to talk about her experience as a TEDx speaker – not just her moment on the stage but also how she prepared for her talk, being invited to speak there, and all the work that went into earning that invite.

I’ve been wanting you to meet her because she’s another woman who’s chosen grace over grind. Dr. Shana runs a speaking business, an organization, and also a clinical practice, and she keeps her wellness at the center of it all – partly by hiring the expertise she needs, including a media coach.

 So, listen in to walk her path from TED talk watcher to TEDx speaker, including: how to earn an invite to speak for TEDx, how her 12-year-old daughter got her own TEDx talk, how Dr. Shana maintains a strong and consistent presence online, the bold move that got her a regular expert contributor spot on TV, how she’s perfected the timing of her media pitches … and more!

If you’re not consistent, and you’re not showing up in your authentic space with what your expertise is, then no one’s going to know that.” – Dr. Shana Lewis

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Dr. Shana's uncommon (and unexpected!) path to the TEDx stage
  • Pro Tip! Check all your social media inboxes regularly, okay?
  • The key ingredients in Dr. Shana's Get-On-TEDx recipe
  • Perfect Example: Showing up clearly and consistently online
  • How to have a strong social media presence while “staying in your lane”
  • The view from a TEDx stage during a pandemic
  • Here's what happens after you've been accepted to speak at TEDx
  • What this pandemic looked like from the clinician's chair
  • What Dr. Shana's next 17 TED talks will be about😉
  • True Story! TEDx talks run in the family😊 #teamlewis
  • True Story! From Great Day Houston audience member to contributing expert
  • Why you should never be afraid to tell media pros what you do
  • Perfect Example: Positioning your expertise for the perfect pitch
  • Your first steps for getting media publicity – in the right order
  • Pro Tip! What this keynote speaker says about investing in yourself


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