5 Fast Ways to Get Publicity

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The way people interact on the internet has changed the way marketers promote and the way publicists pitch.

The web 2.0 has been the game changer for every industry.  Some industries have survived and thrived. Some industries have died.  But without a doubt, social media have put the power of personal branding into the hands of millions online.

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That’s why the term “building a platform” is so common now.  Everyone understands, especially authors, that you need a platform to stand out and be heard.

At one time, it was the publicist’s job to get the message disseminated to the media – and the media would broadcast that message to the masses.

Today with the mushrooming social media platforms and the simple mobile technology, anyone can get the message out to the masses.  People can get their message straight to their audiences. Anyone with a computer and the internet can be the media.

With a click of a few buttons, authors, biz owners and other experts can directly find producers, reporters and send them direct links of their press kits, podcasts or videos.   The gatekeepers are gone.

Here are five ways to get publicity using the internet:

1.  Monitor the services that journalists subscribe to for sources.  hot media leads

These are the ones we recommend: PitchRate, HARO and Reporter Connection.

2. Have a press room on your website.  This is beyond have a press release there and a few photos. You really need to have a full scale press kit online. The more prepared you look the more media you’ll garner.  Build your online press kit using a service and put that link on your blog or website. We use branding PressKit247 , GoKit or InstantPress kit.



3. Send out regular SEO press releases. Press releases aren’t dead – they’ve change out we write and disseminate them. See an example here of how we do our press releases now.

4.  Connect with reporters/journalists online via Twitter. Join their weekly Tweet Chats. See #journchat. This is weekly tweetchat on Twitter between journalists, bloggers and PR folks. You can talk to journalists right where they are. See the Muck Rack Daily, here is where they are hanging out.

5. Have an authority blog. This is the best way to get found by the media. Have a blog in your area of expertise and optimize by key words.  If you don’t know how to do this, there are plenty of companies that can help you. For our clients, we set it up for them.

Now, as a career public relations professional, I am not trying to talk my way out of work. I just realize that you must change with the times and stay relevant.  My main focus today is Social Media PR and PR Coaching.

Yet, there is always a need for the publicist’s skills – writing press releases, having real relationships with media personnel, crafting a Social Media PR campaign creating hooks and crafting solid pitches – but the real time PR 2.0 is the way it’s done now.

Keep up with the changes, learn leverage your online brand, and get the media exposure consistently.  Thanks to social media, this is the era of DYI publicity.

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