Brand Clarity Equals Prosperity

Melanie Williams and Pam perry

Master this secret ingredient to business success and you will become unstoppable

Whenever our Cousin Chris comes in town, we talk and laugh for hours.  Right now he and his wife Pam are visiting from Atlanta and last night, he said something to me that made me beam.  With his cool southern accent, he said:

“I’m always checking you out online.  You tryna show them women how to ‘get that paper’…”  (<–slang for “make money.”)

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Yep.  Cousin Chris summed it up pretty well.  LOL!  I wouldn’t have put it quite that way exactly but in a nutshell, that’s what I do.

I love that Chris was able to see my mission so clearly and unwrapped the goal of my brand so succinctly.  He was able to do this just by checking me out online.  He also said he has a female co-worker who is a budding entrepreneur that he wants to introduce to me.


That tells me that my brand is clear and my reach is expanding even when I’m not around.  That tells me that I’ve finally begun to master certain elements of my branding, which I believe is the secret to success in business.  


Whether you know it or not, right now, you are a walking, breathing, living brand.  Even if you’re not trying to be, you are.

If you’re an entrepreneur your personal brand intersects with your business brand and vice versa.  So what does your brand say about you as a person? 

How well-shaped is your business brand?  

Do you truly understand what branding is and how it drives your success or lack thereof?  

Are you intentionally growing the kind of brand that magnetically and magically attracts your most ideal clients to you? 

These are questions that many entrepreneurs don’t explore enough.  I know this because I still hear people introducing themselves with such generic terms as esthetician, massage therapist, life coach and marketing consultant.  In today’s world, what the hell do those terms mean anyway?

As an entrepreneur, you’ve gotta spend some time developing a brand so that you don’t get lumped in with the generics in your industry.  You’ve gotta establish a unique presence in the market so that you can attract and retain loyal customers.  Branding with clarity is one way to do this.

It took me years to figure this out for myself.  About 5 years ago it all finally clicked for me and I created a system that has literally helped me and some of my clients completely transform our profit potential. Once clients get a hold of this system it’s like the gates of heaven swing open.  Suddenly they feel totally unstoppable!


People had all kinds of titles for me when I was just starting out in coaching.  Now they know that I am not just a coach.  I’ve built a brand that boasts the results that I get for my ideal clients. 

For example.  When someone asks me “so, what do you do?”  I don’t say, “I’m a certified business coach.”  I say something like this:

I am a money and marketing mentor for women entrepreneurs. I have signature systems that help them earn more money, gain more influence and have more freedom  in their business within 1 year or less. 

Whenever I say this, people always want to know more.  True to my brand, I generously give them more and I have a system for turning them into paying clients as well.

Being able to give an answer to the age old question, “so, what do you do?” is just ONE key to branding yourself with clarity and for profits.  

You are not just an esthetician, you’re an anti-aging expert who helps women over 40 look closer to 30.

You’re not just a massage therapist, you’re an optimal health professional who uses massage to help athletes, executives or entertainers (whoever your ideal client is) achieve peaceful, balanced, stress-free lifestyles and total body wellness.

Get the gist of it?  Good.  Now it’s your turn.  Using the examples I gave, craft your answer to the question, “So, what do you do?”  Leave your answer below.  If you feel totally stumped, I invite you to sign up for my upcoming training called Brand Clarity = Prosperity.  Go get details for that right here.

My Friend, Monique Caradine is an award-winning TV & Radio personality, Media Visibility & Influence Expert and Money Breakthrough Coach for emerging women in business.