Two Powerful Organizations Create Combustion in Novi Delivering Coffee, Cupcakes and Conversation

The Powerful Women Novi

Global Association of High-Achieving Women and The Powerful Women Deliver “How to Thrive in Career, Business and Life” Workshop

Dr. Laureen Wishom, founder of the Global Association of High-Achieving Women is the featured guest of The Powerful Women at the Novi Civic Center, 45175 W 10 Mile Road in Novi on Saturday, May 24 from 2 to 4 p.m.

“This is true synergy of two organizations that are about empowering women to thrive in the business, career and their lives. I am thrilled to bring in Dr. Laureen Wishom to our organization here. We’re going to partake in Dr. Laureen’s signature tour, “Coffee, Cupcakes and Conversations” plus get some hands-on mentoring and business advice,” said Meagan Lyles, founder of the Powerful Women in Southfield.

Wishom, who will be coming in from Houston, Texas, has been dubbed the Million Dollar Solutionist, is an award-winning international speaker, Amazon best-selling author and lifestyle architect. “I am glad to share with the Powerful Women organization. Many of them remind me of myself before I branched out on my own as entrepreneur. I spent years toiling in corporate America, where I felt undervalued and unappreciated. So fourteen years ago, I decided to leave the rat race – and now own a stellar, award-winning company and a dynamic organization that caters to high-achieving women who want to thrive in their career, business and life,” said Wishom.

She went from “just professional” to a “wow” maven. Her proven system for success relies on being true to oneself, claiming one’s own unique space and then taking it to a whole new level. Wishom, who goes by just Dr. Laureen, helps others achieve changes in their career, business and life by sharing tips, strategies and examples on to achieve radical success ranging from brand positioning and marketplace visibility to revenue acceleration.

“There is a need for this type of workshop because as women we possess the power to be many things and we may not even know it.  Being powerful is a lifestyle, a trait that subconsciously becomes a part of you.  As leaders, mothers, teachers, sisters, business owners and confidants, we also embrace womanhood while developing into some of the most influential and powerful women in our communities,” said Lyles, organizer for the event. All attendees will receive a gift copy of Dr. Laureen’s Wishom’s book of tips, “How to Thrive in Your Career, Business and Life.”

“When we band together to work towards the greater good of all mankind, we remain unstoppable –and of course, powerful,” concludes Lyles.

In 2014, The Global Association of High-Achieving Women “Coffee, Cupcakes and Conversations” Tour will visit the following remaining cities: Columbus, Dallas, Atlanta, Washington DC and San Antonio.  For more information on the event, email [email protected] or call (248) 690-6810 for booking information or interview opportunities for Dr. Laureen Wishom.

About The Powerful Women founder:
Meagan Lyles, Western Michigan University Alumni is also the owner of Creatively Flawless, a brand agency dedicated to women entrepreneurs.

About The Global Association of High-Achieving Women Founder:
Dr. Laureen Wishom is the voice for high-achieving women entrepreneurs, executives, non-profit leaders, coaches and career professionals who want to accelerate their growth and success.

Dr Laureen Wishom GAHAW