Building Your Brand and Getting PR the Right Way: No Shortcuts, Just Strategy

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You’re an expert, a thought leader, a speaker and an author.  Shouldn’t “they” be calling you to deliver a Ted Talk or giving you a book contract? You went “viral”  – now what?


In a world dazzled by overnight successes and viral sensations, it’s tempting to think that hitting a milestone like delivering a TED Talk or publishing a book is the golden ticket to world-wide recognition and credibility. But let’s cut through the noise for a moment. The truth? Achieving lasting impact and visibility in your field is not about finding an “easy button.” It’s about commitment, strategy, and yes, hard work in pitching to right people and being seen by the right people.

The Misconception of the “Easy Win”

Imagine this: A client, bright-eyed and buzzing with ambition, comes to you with a question: “Should I do a TED Talk or write a book?” It sounds like a choice between two shortcuts to fame and credibility. But here’s the reality check – these aren’t shortcuts. They’re significant achievements that require preparation, expertise, and a unique message. And they are certainly not the be-all and end-all of PR success.

The TED Talk Mirage

Yes, TED Talks have become synonymous with thought leadership and innovation. But here’s a little perspective: Many speakers with decades of experience, profound insights, and exceptional speaking skills are still working towards that stage. A TED Talk is not a guarantee of instant credibility or a sudden spike in your career trajectory. It’s an opportunity to share your message, assuming you have a message that’s been honed, tested, and found worthy of such a platform.


The Book Publishing Journey

Similarly, publishing a book is an admirable endeavor that signifies expertise and dedication. However, it’s not a magic wand that grants authority and visibility upon release. It’s a process that involves writing, editing, publishing, and marketing — each step demanding time, effort, and a clear strategy. A book is a tool in your PR toolkit, not the entire toolbox.

The Real Deal: Work, Strategy, and Consistency

So, what does work? The answer isn’t glamorous, but it’s effective: consistent, strategic PR efforts. It’s about building your brand, one step at a time, through media coverage, networking, and leveraging platforms that align with your goals and audience. It’s hiring a professional firm like Pam Perry PR, who can guide you through the complexities of the industry, help you craft your message, and find the right opportunities to share it.

Campaign, Don’t Shortcut

Think of your PR journey like a political campaign. It’s not about one big rally (or TED Talk) or publishing your manifesto (or book). It’s about consistent, strategic efforts to connect with your audience, share your message, and build your credibility over time. It’s about the groundwork — the networking, the handshakes, the campaign discussions. It’s about showing up, day after day, committed to your message and your mission.

The Path to PR Success

There’s no “easy button” in PR. Success comes from understanding that every TED Talk, every book, and every media appearance is a step in a larger journey. It’s a journey of building your brand, honing your message, and connecting with your audience — and it’s a journey that deserves your respect, your energy, and your commitment.

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So, let’s put away the notion of shortcuts and easy wins. Instead, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work. With the right PR strategy, effort, and guidance from experts like Pam Perry PR, the path to visibility and success is not only possible — it’s within reach.

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