Crack Open the New Speakers Magazine featuring Dr. Stacie NC Grant #Faithpreneur

stacie nc grant speakers 2022

Is it just me or do a lot of those who profess Christianity seem to know less about business that those who don’t?  I mean, when someone is so “religious” and their business is a mess – I wonder what’s the problem. Isn’t God the standard of excellence?  So why do so many Christians miss the memo on running a business like a business (meaning making a profit and a difference). That’s why I love the Faithpreneur (r) concept and conference by this month’s cover story, Dr. Stacie NC Grant.


Dr. Stacie NC Grant serves #Faithpreneurs who need help going from procrastination to ACTION 👊🏽 and confusion to CLARITY on their DIVINE ASSIGNMENT. She helps them fulfill their destiny which is designed for them from birth – they just need mentoring to walk in alignment with their assignment.

Check out the issue below (share, download and comment) and the stellar speakers who are living their divine assignment. Videos embedded in the magazine to make it interactive! Enjoy and hope to see you at the Faithpreneur Weekend in Queens, NY. 

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