Event Planning 101: How to Get the Word Out

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In order to get “peeps” in the seats, advance planning is key! At least 4 to 6 weeks of HARD promotion is needed to make it successful. Yes, HARD promotion six weeks out is really critical for success when planning an event.

Pam Perry Book Expo of America
 What do you do to get the people there? Here’s a checklist to get you started:
  1. Canvas the neighborhood with door hangers. Many neighbors are just waiting for a formal invitation to come to a Christian event. The grassroots approach works. Also hit beauty/barber shops.
  2. Draft a media release. Submit it to local newspapers for weekly calendar listings. Listings are an easy and effective way to get the word out about an event.  Try PRWeb or PRNewswire.
  3. Mail out postcards to your database at least one month before your event.  Give extra postcards to ministry members or your event team to give to their friends, family, and co-workers. Have the team also post event on their personal Facebook and other social networking sites. (See www.ChocolatePagesNetwork.com)
  4. If you are a church holding a special event: Hire a company that plugs in your voice recorded message to members’ homes.  This gives an impression of a “personal touch” to hundreds or thousands who receive the call. Members will respond knowing that this is an event that is truly “special.”
  5. Invest in an email database system like Aweber or Active Campaign to send email campaigns to your database. Go to: www.pamperrypr.com/resources . Send out a notice one-week before the event and one the day before. Use the same graphics as the postcard. Use an internet publicity firm to send out your announcement to their own media database.
  6. Create 2 to 5-minute video announcement of the event. Play the announcement during a church service or meeting on TV monitors or big screens. Also post on YouTube.com, Myspace video, GodTube.com or GospelTube.com and on your Ustream, etc.  Visit www.ivorycoastmedia.com to get one done.
  7. If you have a radio or TV show, promote your event at the end of your weekly or daily broadcast. Keep the message consistent with the overall promotional campaign. Be creative.
  8. Place print ads in local newspapers and/or local Christian magazines. Know your target audience and place ads in media targeted specifically to reach them. Contact us  SPEAKERS MAGAZINE to get additional promotion and sponsor help!
  9. Identify local radio programs that reach the target audience. Place spots, Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) or contact show producers by sending the event release requesting a radio interview. Four to six weeks out!  Don’t be last minute!
  10. Gather a street team to distribute postcards to local beauty and barber shops, Christian bookstores, schools, and other “grass root” locations.  Have them drop off cards and put them in a nice “holder” with signage. Kim Brooks flyer
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