Episode 27: How PR Really Works – Solving the Publicity Mystery with Pam Perry

Have you ever watched TV and wondered how people get on Oprah, Good Morning America, or get featured on the local news?

Well, it’s easy to get publicity when you already have a strong personal brand with a platform and a clear message. The media love people who come to them vetted with a great story, surety, and previous exposure.

But if you’re starting from ground zero, you won’t have any of that. So how do you get picked up by the media when no one knows who you are? It’s about relationships, preparation, practice, and the support of someone who’s been there, done that, and knows what’s tested and true.

So, listen in to learn: why I call myself a PR Angel, what a great publicist has that you probably don’t, 4 things that are always newsworthy, the key to networking in just two words, why a TED talk is worth doing, why a calendar is a publicity power tool, the best way to share your story with the media (and everyone else), how COVID affects being seen on TV … and more!

“I don’t care how confident you look, how cute you look, how well you sound, how well you sing – if there is nothing newsworthy, you’re not going to get on the news.” – Pam Perry

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • You won’t need to have these if you have a publicist
  • The best way to share your story with the media (and everyone else)
  • Your 3 keys to getting picked by the media
  • Why I call myself a “PR Angel” 😇
  • When NOT to contact the media with your pitch
  • How my Ready Set Go Speak! program sets you up for success
  • Why the calendar should be your first stop
  • Does your press release answer this question?
  • 4 things that are always newsworthy
  • Do you have these 2 Cs in place?
  • What the pandemic has changed about being seen on TV (hint: DIY!)
  • The key to networking in just two words
  • True Story! Judge Leonia Lloyd’s background is a perfect storm for publicity
  • How to tell your story in an interview
  • Why you would want to do a TED talk


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