🎙️ How to Succeed as a Speaker [video and podcast] 🎧 May Speakers Magazine

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I teach entrepreneurs, experts and career professionals how to build their personal brand. It’s always fun to have another industry expert interview you about topics you’re both passionate about. These two interviews we discuss branding, marketing, media and public relations tactics – and how to succeed in the speaking industry. This is also how I show my Branding Accelerators Cohort a way to leverage their media interviews; recycling publicity. 

Also, here is this month’s SPEAKERS MAGAZINE. There are some good articles in this issue to help you succeed as a speaker too.

Would love to hear from you and how we can support your branding and PR goals.

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  • […] The speaking business is a big industry and it is tough – especially for Black speakers.  Unless it’s Black History Month, MLK Day or something do with Diversity/Inclusion – Black speakers rarely get their fair share of opportunities.   Even the Harvard Business Review cites: Too many speakers at events and conferences are white men.  […]

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