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It’s #SpeakersMagazine 3 Year Anniversary: Nicole Roberts Jones is Our Cover Story

Speakers Magazine 2019

The world needs your voice. I’m a “Dream Pusher” helping people to GET OUT THERE! I started Speakers Magazine three years ago with the intention to feature amazing African American speakers and to feed aspiring speakers with tools, tips and inspiration to dominate the speaking industry.  We are also the official magazine for the Black Speakers Network.  Our first issue was launched at the PowerNetworking Conference in DC with Dr. George Fraser (my mentor) pam perry and George Fraseron the cover! Now, full circle three years later, we’re heading to PowerNetworking Conference again but this time launching our podcast for Speakers Magazine. I’ll be interviewing speakers from all over the country on the “red carpet” at the event with our team.

You’ll get the full deets, but for now, I’m UBER EXCITED about this June issue with Nicole Roberts Jones on the cover. Nicole is also a nationally recognized transformational speaker, purpose to paycheck expert and best-selling author of four books, the most recent being Find Your Fierce.

Nicole Roberts Jones Teaching Black Women How to Turn Their Purpose into Their Paycheck

The June issue of Speakers Magazine is online and extra printed copies will be distributed at the PowerNetworking Conference in Houston next week and at Be The Answer Event in Boston, MA hosted by Nicole Roberts Jones.

nicole roberts jones

When she isn’t traveling speaking and consulting with Black women entrepreneurs, Nicole Roberts Jones can be found, hosting her podcast “Fierce Files” or doing media interviews on how to take your Brilliance To The Bank (TM).“I teach women on how to get clarity on where they are on their pathway toward living in their purpose and getting paid for it,” said Roberts Jones. Her Fierce Factor Formula program is an eight-week program with steps designed to have professionals understand their uniqueness.

As a coach and transformation expert for over 23 years, Jones has worked with the best: international figures, Steve Harvey and Lisa Nichols; as well as global brands McDonalds and Dell EMC.

Jones understands that talented professionals, attorneys, physicians, speakers are not fully recognizing how to bring their gifts to the masses and corporations need help figuring out how to take the blinders off.

Nicole Roberts is gearing up for her fall event to help women create multiple streams of income from what they already know. Learn more at

Watch the video promo on YouTube:

In the June issue of SPEAKERS magazine are five featured speakers:

* Laura A. Jones, an award-winning, risk strategist, helps others become comfortable with using technology and understanding cyber space.

* Melony Hill, an author and speaker, has taken the obstacles in her life that were associated with emotional illness and is now transforming others with her message across the nation.

* Dr. Charles Redd is a nationally recognized Fortune 500 business leader, speaker and ministry founder with a profound approach for developing successful leaders.

* Tina D. Lewis is using her certified professional speaker status to leverage a six-figure income.

* Alfred A Edmond, Jr., SVP/Editor-at-large of Black Enterprise is an expert on business and economic trends, entrepreneurship, personal finance, leadership development and healthy relationships.

“Each month, we feature people who are living their professional speaking dreams. They are impacting the lives of others. I am excited to showcase this group of shining stars who are brilliant at what they do,” said Pam Perry, Publisher of Speakers Magazine.

To to learn about SPEAKERS, visit or call (248) 690-6810.

Read full issue here:

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