Episode 88: Magazine Publicity Tips with Ayo Thomas, Founder of Women Own Excellence

If you like a success story, you’re going to love my conversation with Ayo Thomas, female founder of Women Own Excellence digital magazine. Pushed by her passion and then the pandemic, she pulled together her many skills to gain entry into the world of publishing — and to the offices of Nordstrom.

We share plenty of stories and insider tips about the making of a magazine, including how you can find your way to a front cover. Advertising sales has changed in recent years, and now you can pay for what you don’t have time to wait for.

So, listen in to hear about how Ayo won her pitch to Nordstrom (despite no prior experience and no contacts!), how the pandemic pushed her to become an industry pioneer, and the way she built her business backward, plus why you must build your personal brand, the 4 kinds of media (and when to use what), what a magazine cover can do for you, the power in staying prayerful … and more!

"I believe women that own their excellence are women who take responsibility for their future, but also help build a bridge for other women.” – Ayo Thomas

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • Ayo Thomas on working with Nordstrom
  • How to change it up — new platform, same mission
  • A calling to empower women + an HR background = ???
  • True Story! How Ayo did the impossible (hint: she didn’t)
  • Pop Quiz! What are your transferable skills?
  • Dr. Pam Says: Here’s how publication advertising works now
  • A pandemic-driven pivot to become an industry pioneer
  • 2 ways to find creative talent
  • True Story! Building a business backward
  • All about advertising: Paid vs earned vs shared vs owned (PESO)
  • What being on a magazine cover can do for you


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    Ayo is the real deal!

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