Episode 15: PR Tips for Christians in Business with guest Beverly Walthour

Do you feel like marketing your business means turning your back on the Lord? Well, my guest Beverly Walthour will tell you that social media isn’t the devil; it’s all in how you use it – and guess what else? It’s not about you; it’s all about God getting the glory through what you do.

This episode is a spirited and spiritual talk that offers PR tips and ideas for everyone, and Beverly’s focus on helping women be financially successful without compromising their Christian values makes it a bonus for believers.

Beverly Walthour is a multi-six-figure business strategist, speaker, author, trainer, and consultant. She’s also the CEO of BCW Business Ventures and a media personality with TV and radio shows seen and heard across the globe – Talking Business with Beverly, Tuesdays, 3 - 4 pm EST.

 So, listen in for the mindset and strategy that drove Beverly to gather an audience of 30,000 listeners and followers, including: the 5 keys for finding success on social media, why it’s essential that you be yourself (flaws and all!), how to make a great media pitch and be a welcome guest, plus lines of scripture to inspire your marketing and more…

“Success on social media is really, truly about showing up, being consistent, knowing that you have a message out there, knowing that you are called to serve … and being authentic” – Beverly Walthour

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • A special message for Christians who are afraid to put themselves out there
  • More inspiring words about overcoming our fears
  • What Matthew 5:14-16 can tell you about getting out there and getting known
  • Your work isn’t about you, and Beverly explains why
  • Social media isn’t the devil, okay? We’ll tell you exactly what it is…
  • How consistency and authenticity lead to opportunity
  • Every interview host dreads this kind of guest…
  • What Beverly loves to hear when pitched for her shows
  • Beverly’s 5 Ps for financial success without compromising your Christian values
  • How Beverly’s burnt-it-up baking skills serve her social media strategy
  • How Pam really feels about cooking (It’s all about time management, y’all!)
  • If you’re a speaker, learn these things to earn through a lockdown
  • Three lines of scripture to inspire action and learning
  • Here’s which media outlets you should work with ­– and only these
  • What wisdom really is…


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  • I looked at the Media Training Video. It was awesome. I felt like you were speaking to me. It really solidified the course in my mind. I can do it!!

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