PR turns to PR When You’re In PR for a Long Time

Public relations has certainly changed since I started the business more than 25+ years ago. I remember when I was Director of Public Relations for The Salvation Army and we sent our press releases via “fax blasts” – and that was cutting edge.  I studied journalism and public relations at Wayne State University and graduated top of my class – but nothing prepared me how I do PR today.  The internet disrupted everything! 

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For the good. OMG! We had to go through things like Bacons’ Media Directory or the National Pitch Directory to find journalists and producers to pitch.   No google. No twitter. No couple of clicks and get to the contact.  Flipping through hundreds and hundred of pages. Hours and hours trying to find the right contact and calling them on the phone and being locked in voice mail jail for days. It was HARD!

But I survived. I adapted. I changed. I made it my mission to master social media marketing – early – before most of all my other PR colleagues – because I was determined to figure this stuff out.  And I’m determined to help others figure it out too.

So, what’s my back story? Well here are two recent interviews that give insight to the world of Pam Perry the PR Coach. 🙂

One interview was featured by my friend and sister “Christianpreneur” TC Cooperclick here to read the interview. Pam Perry Mogul


The other interview is a podcast by Elayne Fluker. I love her too. She does a fabulous daily podcast called, “Support is Sexy” and I was featured. Hear the interview by clicking video below or clicking here. 

mentoring with pam perry

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