The Messy Truth About 2018 and How to Prepare

wonder woman

You’ve heard the saying: “Anything worth having is worth fighting for?” So, are you dreams and goals worth the fight? Do you have a battle plan? Is there a strategy in place to defeat your enemies?


Prepare for war. Expect to win. If God be for you, who can be against you? You are a victor. You are more than a conqueror.

Now, I know in the new year it’s appropriate to be very positive. It’s almost taboo to talk about all the junk you may encounter in order to get to your promise.

BUT there is some grit that will take you out if you’re not prepared. The war is real – but the fight is fixed if you follow GOD and are determined to stay committed.

 pam perry

Talking about resolutions, RESOLVE this: “If I live…. If I die… either way I’m good.”  Once you have that kind of attitude, folks will know you got that crazy kind of faith and they’ll move out of your way. Know down deep in your soul that you will give all you got – and know that GOD Got YOU!


Yes, as insane as the world seems from politics to “freaky” natural disasters to the unpredictability of the economy – know that if you have FAITH and are willing to FIGHT for your dreams in 2018– you will win. It’s YOUR WINNING SEASON!

 In 2018 here are some things to remember:

Fight for focus.  Don’t get distracted. Work to improve your follow through and consistency.  Develop good, healthy HABITS.  Discipline yourself like a good soldier.   Have courage and remember you will win if you heed the “still small voice” within.  Meditate, pray and visualize. Yep, keep that Vision Board in front of you and work your plan.


Fight against complaining. Set your mind to appreciate what you have and what you’re working towards – not what you don’t have!  Crush confusion. Don’t fall into the comparison trap. Quit cutting corners and trying to do it the “easy” way. The enemy of your 2018 goal is not trying to have perfection – it’s procrastination. Get going and slay that dragon! Write that book! 

pam perry wonder woman pam perry wonder woman

pam perry wonder woman

Be bold. Be brave. Don’t be afraid to fight for your dreams, your goals. You have to step out. You have to take some bigger risks this year. Bet on yourself.  Fight to win. It’s Your Winning Season. SOAR!mentoring with pam perry

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Linda - January 1, 2018 Reply

Happy New Year Pam!
Thank you for reminding us that we /I Win but we will have a battle to do so in an encouraging and empowering way. Thank you for the action steps we need to do overall. Move forward. Apply and Activate the strategies we have access to. Love the Wonder Woman picture!

margaret greenidge armstead - February 18, 2018 Reply

I need consultation with how to brand myself and my future business. How do I get started?

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