There’s No Magic Bullet: The Real Talk on Accelerators

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Ok, everybody is in somebody’s program or “accelerator,” and I’m going to talk about why it won’t work unless you work it – yes, this is a dose of reality, but sprinkled with a dash of sass and a pinch of humor. And all in LOVE.

So, I’m diving into what I see everyone doing—but not everyone is walking the talk: especially in these Accelerators streets. Yes, those shiny, promising programs that claim to shoot your brand and business into the stratosphere overnight. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, strap in, because we’re about to get real.

yikesThe Truth About Accelerators

First off, let’s clear the air: Accelerators are not a one-size-fits-all, fairy godmother solution to your business woes. They’re tools—powerful ones, sure—but like any tool, their effectiveness depends on the user. That’s right, YOU. If you’re not ready to roll up your sleeves and get down to business, then honey, no accelerator is going to save you.

There’s this misconception floating around that these programs are either a “hand up” or a “hand out.” And while many are designed to empower, particularly those tailored for Black women, they are not free passes. Programs like DigitalUndivided, Goldman Sachs’ One Million Black Women: Black in Business, The Cru, and Black Girl Ventures provide phenomenal resources and networks. However, they require commitment, engagement, and yes, lots of hard work.

Why I Changed My Tune

I’ve been there, done that with my own accelerator. The Branding Accelerator Program was a 12-week whirlwind designed to transform your PR and media game. From mastering your message in week one to wrapping up with a content calendar, it was packed! But here’s the kicker: real, lasting brand transformation takes time—more time than a short sprint can provide.

That’s why I pivoted to the Ready Set Go Speak community, a platform where I mentor you for a full year. This isn’t about spoon-feeding you success; it’s about equipping you to grab success by the reins. The courses are there, your fellow community members are there, and I’m there too—but as a guide, not a babysitter.

The Bottom Line

You can’t just wish for success; you’ve got to work for it. Dive into the courses, network like your brand depends on it (because it does!), and apply what you learn. The road might be longer, but the achievements? They’re all yours, earned by your dedication and sweat.

So, if you’re looking for a magic bullet, you might want to check a fantasy store. But if you’re ready to work, really work, then welcome to the real world of brand building. Let’s make some magic happen—with a hefty dose of elbow grease!

And remember, I’m just a click away at Let’s get to work!

Keep Dancing Through the Challenges!

And as always, keep your spirits up and your moves sharp. You might catch me dancing through the hurdles on TikTok—because who says you can’t have a little fun while building an empire?

Stay empowered, and keep pushing forward!

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