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All that glitters isn’t gold. We’ve heard that saying over and over – yet people are still tricked by the “glitter” and not getting the gold. Especially in this online internet world we live in. It’s easy for folk to be FAKE. Yes, lying has been around since the beginning of time – Adam and Eve know about lying – yet, people are still acting new to it.  I am a publicist but I always tell my clients to not BELIEVE the HYPE.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Why am I saying this?  Well, I’m tired of the 30 day, 60 day, 90 day promises to people that they’ll be “rich and famous.”  The deceptive online marketing out there now  is nauseating! I can’t believe what I’m seeing. People who have no experience in anything claiming to be experts, through up a website, run some Facebook ads with fake video and photoshopped pictures – and BAM, they’re racking in money from folk who are so desperate to believe the hype.

I guess people like to be sold and told fairytales. The dishonesty in the copy is what trips me out. How can anyone with any conscience write this crap?  There are no morals? Does anyone abide by ethics anymore?  It’s not just morally wrong to trick people, it also has some spiritual (and legal) consequences that will show up in due time.

My advice to anyone who wants to hire someone as a business coach or for business services: watch them. Watch them and do “due diligence.”  Google. Google again. Pay attention to them over time.

I have had people who have been on my email list and following me on social media for years, some over 20 years.  They all know what I’m about and know that I operate in integrity. That’s a big value to me. 

It’s why I’ve been successful – bringing in results for my clients and wining honors and recognition from industry groups and my peers.  I don’t brag about 6-figures and 7-figures, that to me screams, “if you have to tell everyone what you’re making, you probably aren’t making it.”  That’s just me. Maybe I’m old school. I never even told my parents how much money I made when I was working a job in my 20s or 30s.  The only people that knew how much money I was making was my spouse and our accountant – and of course the IRS.  They’re the ones that need to know.

So just know that I have been “burned” by folks claiming to deliver when they didn’t.  It’s easy to write and talk – and lie. Don’t be deceived by the copywriters and sales pages. Hey, I’m in marketing so I know how enticing this stuff can be!  Believing folks just because of words, pictures and video can be dangerous today.

YOU must know who is operating in integrity. Listen to your gut NOT your EGO.

Watch, study and don’t get swayed by the “glitter” – know that substance of character is better than a cute Instagram any day.

I wanted to celebrate the top 10 business people that are doing things right.  They operate in integrity and always deliver (and overdeliver) in what they promise.

I have watched them online for years. Many of them I have worked with, done joint ventures with, spoke at their events and done projects together. I trust them because they have been around and have always spoke the truth. They are not in business to scam people (which seems to be the thing to do today) … but these ladies are different. They operate with ethics. They have character; their word is their bond. I celebrate them.

Here is my Top 10 List of Black Business Women Who Operate in Integrity: 

1. Kadena Tate She is my business bestie. She is my business coach. And I’ve known her for over a decade. We can’t remember exactly but it’s been a long time. We host clubhouse together every Tuesday and Thursday and run a Mastermind together. So, I know her and can attest she’s one of the smartest women I know. Her library is massive (I saw it) and she reads all them books! But, what I love most about her is that she’s honest, straight no-chaser and very helpful to all her clients.

Oh… and Happy Birthday KT! Love you girl! 

kadena tate

2. Tanya Smith  I love Tanya. OMG. Known her online for about as long as Kadena. Tanya is authentic, smart and such a joy. She doesn’t try to pretend to anything that she’s not. She is smart and knows her stuff! What I love about her is that she is breath of fresh air. She is not “hype” but strategic and sound. Very consistent. (Even that bad had cut).

3. Lashanda Henry This girl right her is my twin. Literally. We are so much alike – we are even born on the same day! LOL – just 20 years apart. I love and trust Lashanda because of her consistency, heart and passion for Black women. The top techie in my book and bad to the bone designer!

4. Christie Taylor Now, Christie and I have a story that goes way back. I’ve known her for almost 30 year but we reconnected this year and have been in contact often. She regularly comes on my clubhouse and we support each other in whatever way we can. We both love tech too. We’re like sisters. Detroit media folks stick together.

5. Cameka Smith Can you say, BFF from Day 1. She has been a blessing to my life. I love her spirit and I’ve seen her grow and evolve over the years and I’m so proud of her. She never comprises her values and walks in integrity. Love her.

6. Laticia Nicole  I’ve known the “soon-to-be Dr. Laticia Nicole” for almost 10 years ago too – met at an even Lashanda Henry had. We have seen each other around and when she became a Branding Accelerator client, that’s when she became a FRient (friend and client). She is one who is alignment with her assignment and I just love her to pieces. She’s amazing. Her clubhouse rocks too.

7. Alycia Huston This lady right her, OMG! Brilliant. Super smart STEM leader. Amazing business brain and full of creativity. I loved her the minute we met at an event in Dallas. We “clicked” and have been doing things together ever since. She is the real deal.

8. Karen Taylor Bass My sister from another mister. Is that what they say? The moment we actually talked on the phone about 15 years ago, we were sisters for life. We’ve done podcasts together, boot camps, virtual shows, served clients together – and have the type of relationship where we have each other’s back and support one another through all our pivots. The true BFF.

9. Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones  Another Day 1-er. Love Dr. Nicole Roberts Jones. Her heart is big and we’ve shared and collaborated a lot – some of my clients become her clients and vice versa.  She is a top gun. I am proud to call her a “frient” too (friend/client) – I’ve know her for about 13 years also and when I tell you that she is brilliant – she has a whole course about it: Brilliance Mastery Academy. She keeps it real – and you can bank on what she delivers. Catch her on Clubhouse too.

10. Dr. Stacie NC Grant  This woman walks her talk. I just absolutely love and adore her work ethic and her ethics. She is a woman who leads with her faith. If you are a “Faithpreneur,” you must connect with Dr. Stacie NC Grant. She is consistent and you can set a clock to what she says she’s going to do and when.

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