True Story: Why Going to Events and Conferences Can Explode Your Business

Are you comfortable sitting behind your computer and marketing your business on social media or by using Facebook ads? You’re doing all the behind the scenes marketing work, right? Like blog posts, email marketing, creating your own marketing graphics, recording videos, and connecting on social media. Don’t be this person! Why? Because you’re missing out on HUGE marketing opportunities. 
Attending live events is a major marketing opportunity that many business owners shy away from for a variety of reasons. But remember that in your overall business plan, you shouldn’t be planning ONLY for the quick sale. Ultimately, you want people to remember you and you should develop relationships with others both online and in real life so they will refer you to their circle of friends. Forming that relationship is also how people will get to know, like, and trust you, which will lead to sales and other referrals – and get media exposure too!

Yes, you can develop relationships online via social media and videos but why pass up the opportunity to meet people in real life? You never know who you will meet; your next big client may be somebody who lives in your home town. Or maybe you’ll meet your favorite icon at a conference and become inspired to achieve more. Or maybe you’ll meet someone who offers services you can use in your own business. You can never predict who you’ll meet at different events.
Working an online business can also become very lonely, so attending live events is simply a way to get out of the house! Start off easy by attending a business networking meeting or a simple MeetUp in your area. If you enjoyed the experience, you can certainly expand your horizons with a Toast Masters membership or joining a professional group like NABJ*. Once you start researching, you’ll discover a whole variety of opportunities, from those local events that meet weekly or monthly, to conferences that last for multiple days. Speakers Magazine always has events listed.
Live events also offer the opportunity to learn new things through classes or workshops held during the event. For example, the *National Associations of Black Journalists held annually for 3 days where journalists and media folks listen to the guest speakers but also break into workshop groups to work through what they’ve learned from the speakers. There are awards programs. I met up with Wynona Redmond (pitched left) this past year. She is also the past president of the Black Public Relations Society in Chicago. She is so amazing and won the Pat Tobin Award. A PR Legend. Love her! By going to events, we can share our business stories and experiences and make great connections so we can collaborate in the future.
Another example is the Success Without Walls event in Atlanta. This two-day event is crammed with classes in which experts teach different coaching success techniques. Not only can attendees ask specific questions but they get hands-on practice in class and then can develop the technique to use in their business. Even though you can watch a video tutorial on how to perform these same  skills, there’s just something magical about being in the same room as the teacher.
Live conferences make the instructors more approachable than when you’re watching their video online. At live events, they welcome questions and enjoy engaging in conversations with attendees. You never know what valuable snippet of information you’ll learn from an instructor just by having a private conversation with them. Meet me at

Join Sarita Pittman and other life coaches at the Success Without Wall event, visit


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