✍🏽 Write Your Story: Learn The Book Business [Live Virtual Summit]

Pam Perry

Are you ready to plan, publish, or promote your books online? Maybe you are ready to turn your books into a business. Know that you have what it takes to build an online business and we can’t wait to share our strategies with you.


Join us for the Live Book Business Virtual Summit experience September 26, the Write the Book Webinar Workshop and Book Business Live stream series.

The Book Business Virtual Summit is live Saturday, September 26 10 AM – 2 PM EST. We will cover strategies that you can use to develop, publish and promote your book projects online.

The Write the Book Webinar Workshop will follow the Summit on September 26 from 4 PM – 7 PM EST. This workshop is designed to help you develop eBook Starter Guides and Resource Guides for your audience, with templates and tools included. This event also includes daily Book Business Live Stream Web Classes until the 9/27.

Register at go to https://www.sistasense.com/bbsummit and use the code: PAM to get 15% off. 

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