Do you often imagine or dream of speaking to thousands of people on a platform?  Here’s some tips to make that dream a reality.

But, it’s not written in stone that you have to get up in front of a large audience and put on a full, two-hour presentation. There are many ways to get started with public speaking: The trick is to find ways that are within your comfort zone – and then move yourself slightly out of it with each mode you conquer.

  1. Get Comfortable Online

Create a small Skype or Google Hangout workshop for people you know well – and who you know would be supportive.

Think: Members of any active forum you belong to, your Facebook industry intimates, fellow Facebook Group members, your subscribers or online friends that share the same hobby or career as you.

Make it small and on one topic you have already mastered.

Better yet, make your group Hangout a regular feature, so that you grow really comfortable presenting to others.

  1. Host a Local Workshop

Do you belong to any local business organizations? Then offer to host a local workshop on a topic you know well.

Prepare handouts: A feedback form rating your performance and asking for suggestions and a tip sheet, or summary of the points you made, or outline of the methods you used. (Lists of resources are a popular handout too.)

  1. Take Courses that Include Public Speaking

In addition to courses actually focusing on public speaking, try storytelling courses or a Toastmasters Group. Storytelling is a vital component of public speaking.

  1. Volunteer to Give a Storytelling Session in your Child’s School

You may be amazed at how responsive even the most rambunctious audience will be. Children naturally love stories, and if you can successfully tell a story to your own children – or you’ve just taken a storytelling course – you can do this at a school.

  1. Join a Storytelling Circle

Many cities have professional storytellers who host regular, informal storytelling circles or sessions. Join and sit in at first; then when you are comfortable with the venue, the audience and the format, learn a story. When the host asks for volunteers – step forward.

  1. Give Free Short Mini-Talks at Local Business Meetings

Local business organizations are always looking for guest speakers. Hone your skills by volunteering to give mini-talks on a single topic. Keep them to fifteen minutes or less. That way, you are not responsible for an entire event – just a small segment of it – and you can get your feet wet in comfort.

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