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judge leonia lloyd

Black History Month Makes Its Case with History-Making Detroit Judge

This year’s Black History Month is being celebrated with a Speakers Magazine cover that features a phenomenal woman, Judge Leonia Lloyd. In the publication, she shares some of her triumphs and challenges of being Black in Detroit in the ’60s and eventually becoming an entertainment lawyer with her twin sister for several Motown stars.

Judge Leonia Lloyd

Judge Leonia remembers the civil rights movement. She remembers being asked at work to change her hairstyle when sporting her Afro. She remembers being racially profiled and followed in a store when shopping with her mother. It was these real-life experiences that shaped their steadfastness in pursuing justice. Lessons that were rooted and endeared her to public service.

The full story is in her bookYour Honor, Your Honor” which chronicles her and her twin sister’s amazing journey – who became the nation’s first twin sisters to sit on the bench at the same time. Their story includes sharing life intertwined as sisters, schoolmates, careers in education together, working their way through law school becoming lawyers, ultimately getting elected and serving as judges.

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Speakers Magazine is all about creating a media platform for speakers to launch their careers and get the shine they deserve. “We have created a community that includes a wide range of talent and experience. We are inspired to continue the journey, especially while we celebrate this year’s Black History Month. For all the struggles and the obstacles that our people suffered, we encourage speakers to go forward and be heard,” said Pam Perry, publisher of Speakers Magazine.

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