Episode 14: Hey, Authors! Let’s Talk Radio – an interview with Marc Medley, host of The Reading Circle

If you’re an author who wants to promote their book on the radio, then you’ll love my chat with Marc Medley, who has hosted The Reading Circle radio show for more than 20 years.

Marc Medley is a school principal, writer, motivational speaker, and mentor to young men with four degrees – 2 bachelor’s and 2 master’s – from the arts to business administration to education and leadership. He’s also a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha, a veteran of the Air Force, and he LOOOVES books.

If you’re a book lover, too, you’ll want to check out his interviews with authors from around the world. He’s on live at WP88.7 FM, Saturdays from 6-9 AM Eastern Time, or you can catch his show anytime on YouTube.

Listen to this episode to learn: how local interviews lead to bigger audiences, why endorsements are essential for unknown authors, whether you should prepare your own interview questions, why every author needs to have their voice online, how a 1-hour radio interview can last forever … and more!

“Be very careful with titles and even what scenes you put in the book depending on what genre you're appealing to.” – Marc Medley

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Highlights From This Episode:

  • True Story! Speak your dreams aloud – you never know who’s listening…
  • How social media became the hub for Marc’s radio show
  • What is terrestrial radio?
  • What it takes to be a one-man radio show
  • A list of Marc’s most inspiring and impactful author interviews
  • How to leverage any media interview into a bigger, wider interview
  • How a 1-hour author interview can last for 6 years or more (hint: internet!)
  • Should an author have interview questions prepared?
  • How endorsements and cross-promotion “locate” you for potential readers
  • Have you been writing your book “in a cave”?
  • How a publicist makes sure that you shine – online and off
  • Do you know the story behind your book’s cover?
  • Leverage your longevity!
  • Why every author needs to have their voice online
  • Balancing sex, your book, your faith, and your future
  • Who Marc would love to interview next…


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  • Thank you for sharing this podcast for authors, Pam. I hope to connect with Marc Medley soon.

    Vernell Wilson

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