How to Brand on a Budget and 5 Resources to Help

Branding on a budget can be a good thing for creativity.  And the new currency in this economy is digital creativity. In other words, you have put some SWAG in your Social media. Yep, social media swag will get your noticed in this noisy world.  Social Media Swag will get you clients, customers and most importantly position you as an “expert” in your field. Knowing how to “brand like superstar” online is key to building your platform.

 Here is a guest post from one of my PR Bootcamp Grads, Author, Speaker & Minister Teresita Glasgow. She talks about Branding on a Budget:

Can you build a brand on a shoe string budget? Absolutely!

All businesses begin with a mental image of how they want to be perceived in the marketplace, the only problem is that in most cases that image cost much more than a start up organization can afford.

In His Season, Inc and Teresita Glasgow have used the following cutting edge and frugal strategy toward branding for name recognition and image appeal.
Do whatever you can In-House.
We chose to do many things in-house by making use of the skills, talents and abilities that God has given us. With a few low cost tools and templates we built our websites, blogs and social networking sites to reach our audience. We also out source when necessary.
Use technology with ferocity
Don’t be afraid of technology! Have an adventurous attitude when it comes to getting your message out. We have a multi-media platform that includes an e-newsletter, a BlogTalk Radio Show, and a YouTube Channel. Our audience is able to be fully engaged with us everyday.
Be Touchable, Teachable and Rememberable
We consistently use the same logo, photos and identifying graphics and we have free give away products. We interact and consult with other small business owners and authors and we attend and participate in conferences, workshops, and seminars.
For more information about Teresita Glasgow and In His Season, Inc. visit:
Teresita does a good job in branding online. Here is a sample of her “Facebook Cover” that showcases her NAME BRAND URL. (Love that Teresita!) And the fact that she has a very successful internet radio show! She doesn’t leave anything blank…and that makes her Googlicious! See BOOMERS got swag too!
teresita glasglow facebook page
 Hear her show on BlogTalk Radio here  – she interviews me on Branding.
Branding Superstar University Starts soon. It’s is part mentoring, PR Coaching and Social Media Training in one.
If you are ready to join me, go to: and “see” you in the TELEclasses.
Resources to help you brand better:
1. Create a page (see mine
2. Create an page (see mine
3. Create a good sales/landing page. I use this – it’s EASY to use and it optimizes for you.
•4. Use an autoresponder! I use this AWEBER
•5. Write white papers, here’s how and why:

Quick“take away tools” to do today! Use these secrets!

•Set up your Google Plus Profile completely -but first get a good name for your GMAIL acct!

(We will talk about Authorship in the Branding Superstar Classes)

• Use find people with a problem…and give them a solution. Engage them first! 

Again we’ll discuss this deeper in the Branding Superstar U teleclasses. Anything you want to know?

What has helped you BRAND better and attract more buzz, business and clients?

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  • Great tips on how to brand on a budget.

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    It ‘s great that you provide resoruces that we can use now to add value to our blog and brand.

  • Wow this is great stuff. Looking forward to branding superstar university classes.

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    Thanks Pam for the easy to understand marketing tips. Gained great clarity in the process. Blessings –

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