My New Book #1 Amazon Best Seller & Other Speaking Tools to Take You to the Top

I’m so excited…. I have been busy as a beaver helping speakers and authors to win. I have the Branding Accelerator Program, Speakers Magazine and now did you hear that our new book Speak Up! The Ultimate Guide to Dominate in the Speaking Industry is now the #1 best selling book on Amazon in TWO categories?
pam perry and George Fraser

“This book is the wisdom I wish I had when I started speaking. Here you have 32 experts telling you the ins and outs of the industry. If you read and heed these lessons, you will spare yourself a lot of grief and embarrassment. This is like having a personal mentor in your back pocket.”
 – Dr. George C. Fraser

This is the book that aspiring professional speakers around the world have been waiting on. The 32 Black Speakers Network expert authors did not pull any punches when it came to delivering valuable and actionable tools and strategies you need to get paid as a professional speaker. If you do not yet have your copy, stay tuned, I’ll be doing a book signing soon!

And… if you really want to hone your speaking skills, you need to come to this Detroit event by Ruben West.

Do you have a vision to engage, connect and monetize your message?

Are you having difficulty putting your presentation together or speaking about your business?

How would you feel if you were recognized, endorsed, and paid for your worth, skill and talent?

Would you like to join us as we travel to countries around the world and share your message or talk about your business?

If any of these questions resonated with you, you MUST purchase your ticket NOW!

You will learn techniques such as:

  • How to Anticipate Your Audiences’ Questions and Objections
  • How to Move the Audience Into Action
  • How to Create Unique Product Offerings
  • How to get International Clients.
  • How to Take the Audience on an Emotional Journey
  • How to Leave Them Wanting More
  • How to Share Relevant and Powerful Stories About You & Your Business
  • How to Develop Affiliate Opportunities
  • How to Get Booked on International Stages
  • …and Much More!

Come connect with people that have international access.

One of the key components to the Black Belt Speakers Training is the drills and activities that keep you thinking on your feet. This years training will feature various trainers from the Black Belt Speakers team. These individuals have spoken to groups both large and small. They have tested their messages with different audiences and been very successful. Not only have they spoken within the United States but several of them have spoken internationally. They’re going to share with you some of the training drills that have helped to make them better speakers and given them the ability to think quickly and keep the audience members focused and engaged.

Can’t make the LIVE Event in person?  I’d like to invite you to apply to my Branding Accelerator Program…. It starts April 9th and runs for 12 weeks. 

I only offer this twice a year.  Hear what other’s have said  here ==> 

branding accelerator program