PR Pros Brand Story of Birth and Renewal

True story about personal branding. Even public relations professionals can have issues with their personal brand – especially after the birth of child. Definition of a brand, according to Karen Taylor Bass, author of The Brand New Mommy, A brand is a consistent experience someone encounters every time they interact with you.

Sixteen years ago today, I gave birth to my daughter. Ah, Sweet Sixteen. Happy Birthday Aubrey!

My husband and I were delighted. I felt so blessed, just married at 35 and giving birth at 36. A late start on the family – but my career was soaring.  I loved my work in the world. I was PR Director for The Salvation Army. Helping my husband with his ad agency plus running a non-profit organization for Blacks in Advertising, Radio, Television (known as B.A.R.T) – and coaching communications students who were looking for a jobs in the industry.

I also had a passion to help authors and motivational speakers. I regularly organized seminars, conferences and retreats.  I took on the tasks of booking authors and promoting them. All of this was my “side hustle.”

One of the first authors I promoted was Jewel Diamond Taylor, an author and speaker from California. We held her event at Apple Book Center in Detroit. Little did I know how influential she would be in my new “brand” after the birth of my daughter.

Before my daughter was born, I was a busy career woman with a passion to burn,  I thought, I can handle a baby and still do all this other stuff too. Hey, I’m superwoman.

But,  just six weeks after giving birth, I really understood (and clung to) this poem Jewel wrote:

Take off your superwoman cape of red
Don’t feel guilt when it’s time to rest a while a bed.
Don’t try to do it all and wear yourself thin.
Pace yourself, delegate duties, let others pitch in.
Pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve come.
You’re not lazy, unworthy, ugly or dumb.
Honor, nurture, love, and protect yourself.
Act on your goals and take your dreams off the shelf.
You don’t have to be a martyr, rescuer & save everyone.
Stress and fear will make your sick, depressed and numb.
More women are learning to let go of that “victim role.”
Swallow your pride and ask for help to save your sanity and soul.
Don’t isolate and feel you’re all alone and weak.
It’s time for your power within and above the seek.
Take time off & Renew. You deserve a temporary escape.
Superwoman …it’s time to retire that cape!

That’s what I did. I let go of a lot of stuff. I quit my job. I quit the organization, BART, that I founded.  Took on the role of PR director in my husband’s business and “reinvented” me.  But at 40, four years later,  I started my own business, Ministry Marketing Solutions.

Around that time, no one was doing what I was doing. I was trail blazing the “ministry marketing” industry – especially in the African American market.  It was kinda hard. It was lonely. For many years….

Then I met my kindred-spirit, Karen Taylor Bass. We met online. She was in New York. I was in Detroit.

Here is her story:

“At 37, I got married and had an instant family (simply add water and stir).
I decided to leave my hi-profile PR job to enjoy and get to know my new family. My bonus son, Sebastian, had tragically lost his mommy on September 11th. I was determined to love Sebastian and give him the mommy love he needed post September 11.

At 40, God blessed me with a baby and an unpredictable pregnancy; I was diagnosed with placenta previa eight months into my pregnancy, which caused me to be hospitalized and on bed rest for 6 weeks.
I remained prayerful throughout my blessing that all would be well.
I delivered baby Sofia via C-section, experienced internal clotting, which led to 2 blood transfusions and by the miracle of God, I was introduced to my baby nine hours after giving birth.

The journey allowed me to breastfeed for one year, gain 40 pounds and experience mild postpartum. My self-esteem and “brand” plummeted to an all time low.

With the support and coaxing of my husband, I joined a support group and slowly started the healing process, and today I am stronger than ever.

With the economy on the decline, the lack of strategic opportunities for “experienced” public relations professionals I was forced to re-evaluate my next steps.

At the tender age of 43, I experienced an “Aha” moment, after talking to many moms in the same predicament as myself … moms looking to recapture self, renew and redefine their purpose/brand.
The Brand New Mommy: From Babies To Branding To Bliss is a collection of stories I’ve written over the past five years, which inspired me daily to reach my ultimate bliss.”

– excepted from the introduction of her new book, THE BRAND NEW MOMMY

My Social Media Swag Sista and PR Pro colleague, Karen Taylor Bass created a blog to jump start her new brand. She created the Brand New Mommy Blog, ‘Brand’ New Mommy, ‘Brand’ New ME!, The ultimate destination for savvy women, renewing & redefining their personal ‘brand’ post childbirth. Then she wrote the book and is also doing a TV show, BRAND: Mom.  Coming soon, is her award program for “The Brand New Mom” of the year. It’s a movement!

Hear our interview here on the Chocolate Pages show

Karen Taylor Bass is master at “reinvention” and this book will show you how you too can rediscover yourself after a major life shift. I have seen Karen work her magic for celebrities as a publicist, now I’m amazed at how she hit the reset button—and changed her brand entirely. Get inspired and fired up!

Embrace your reinvention, Kick Off YOUR renewal campaign, get your NEW BRAND! Get the book, The Brand New Mommy!

Get BRAND NEW! Brand like a superstar!

karen taylor bass

Congrats Karen! Branding like a superstar! What are you going to do in 2013 to get “brand” new too?

  • Thank you for sharing this, You always go above and beyond to help others succeed in their dreams. I will be sharing this with others as well. Thanks again for all that you do.

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