Social Media Strategies to Win (Podcast and Video)

 I have been beating up (I mean coaching) my ministry author clients to really get involved (engaged) in social media.
It’s time, don’t you think?
We saw a guy with funny name and the first African American become the President of the United States – using savvy social media and internet marketing tactics.
(Of course he had a great platform and Oprah backing him to boot).
internet marketing for president obama
But seriously, we are living in a digital world. It is critical to learn how to leverage the right tools to move your book, your business or your ministry to the winner’s circle.
It starts with the foundation of a good website, an SEO website on the wordpress platform. That’s your home base. That’s prime real estate. That’s what Google loves right now – and we all want to be on page one of Google right?
Social Media is just the “chatter” but the real conversation (business) takes place on your hubsite. Social is a way to DRIVE traffic to your website/blogsite home.
Authors must do this – it’s not an option anymore – publishers are looking for you to influence “friends, fans and followers.” I call it the “3Fs”  They want you to have a PLATFORM. They want you to have that “superstar” power.  That “it” factor.
Many of my clients have secured major book deals by heeding this advice.
Your social media star power begins with you with listening – to your core audience!
And then participating! Commenting!
It starts with putting your head in the game.  Have a REAL website.
Getting a game plan.   Branding like a superstar!
Quit “screaming” (spamming) in an empty cave and come out and hear what others are talking about & add to the conversation – and in turn – you’d be surprise how much buzz YOU can create! Branding begins at home.  Home is where the heart is. Remember to be social and you’ll get your “fame” in due time.
pam perry blogtalk radio show
Listen to this podcast broadcast show with Brent Leary (author of Barack 2.0 and writer for

Go Here to listen ===>

And Uh, engage. That means, read this and leave a comment.  That’s web 2.0 at its finest.

Let me ask you a question, what was the last book you read about social media?

Do you feel you have Social Media Swag? Why or Why not? Just crush it!

  • Linda says:

    Thanks Pam Perry, the Superstar Coach, for pounding (I mean exhorting) us to use social media strategically to drive traffic to our blog site by adding value to others, comments and using etiquette and savvy. I get it . I am FINALLY starting to do it more and more but I thank you for your consistency and spirit of Excellence.

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