[Video] The Miracle of Friendship #BlackGirlMagic

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Friends are like sisters in many ways. They always have your back and you can be yourself around them. You can talk about anything and they will understand, not judge, or criticize you for it. And when things go wrong, they are there to help you through it with a shoulder to cry on or a hug that makes everything feel better again. My friends are like the wind beneath my wings – especially my sister friends. You must know about “The Force of Friendship.” I’ll be on their show today. 

I have friends – and I tell you about them in this video below. Why? They are the pillar to my success. Relationships are important in life and in business. Matter of fact, Dr. George Fraser says, business is about relationships – and if you don’t have relationships – you won’t have business. FACT.  He is one of my mentors.

He also said this about relationships from his book CLICK:

  • Tailor your relationships–to consciously create the perfect fit
  • Be authentic–attract what you love and what loves you
  • Trust first–release your real power
  • Communicate with your heart–a new source of intelligence
  • Love, give, serve, add value–then watch what comes back
  • Bless them and release them–learn the lessons and move on
  • It takes teamwork to make the dream work–seek caring, creative allies
  • Nurture your relationships--they are the core of your success in business & life Share on X

In this video below, I explain the different types of friends and I talk about how each of my friends have added to my life – and business.

It’s important that we make time for our friends as well as spend some quality time with those closest to us.

That’s why me and my friend/client, Dr. Missy Johnson go out to events like the one below at CTAB. Their annual “Women’s Night Live.” 

Christian Tabernacle church

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my friends for their unconditional love and support. Friends are like sisters; they will always be there for you, no matter what. I am so grateful that I have such great people in my life! And I’m grateful that I can call my clients friends too! Congrats to the Branding Accelerators!  

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  • Linda Fegins says:

    Love your sharing on the topic of friendships . I have a little folder with a few articles on the subject because its a subject I have wanted to write about. You are so right about the different levels of friendships and kind of friends. Friendships are truthful in love, givers , help you be a better version of yourself, encouragers etc. Yes you can have a disagreement with them and learn they care, are for real and that we all have shortcomings. Your discussion was so touching because of the experiences I have had with friendships.
    My best friend since second grade died of lupus about 10 years ago or more. We encouraged one another we were the friends we had been looking for in each other that fell short in other friends. Rita had a lot of people who called her”friend” .
    We could debate, argue and would be there in a minute for each other. We went to two different high schools although she attended my Sweet 16 celebration at the Pontchartrain when it was fabulous. We did not keep up with each other in college although we would contact each other on occasion. She lived out of state for a minute after college.
    We revived our relationship when I found out her sister had been murdered. I would show up on Friday and Saturday evenings and just sit with her or ask what can I do. She really did not want to be bothered. But I kept coming . She told me that was God. We prayed together.She was glamourous, smart, and dramatic. She, like me, was always the good friend to others, but never got the support back when she needed it.
    I was with her when she died. The staff had to put me out of the hospital room as they tried to save her. I was the one who had to let her family know she had left us(Her mother had died and her sister lived out of state). I would not remove her telephone number from my phone that I fast dialed for until 7 years after her death and it was not voluntarily done.
    I have other types of friends. I really have not adequately described Rita and I friendship. Anyway, your discussion was full of truth, tender, and great to promote friendships among women.

  • Sheri says:

    I have some lifetime friends from childhood and from college. No matter how far apart we are geographically, or how infrequently we get to talk, we are always with each other. We are friends for our life events that are the highest highs, lowest lows, and everything in between. True friends are a special part of your family. One of my best-est besties died from cancer 4 years ago. But her love and encouragement is the foundation for me living life fully. I know that she wouldn’t want the weight of her death to weigh down my life so I live my best life for both of us.
    Your discussion reminded me to phone a friend! Thanks for the nudge.

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