5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited About Women’s History Month #blackgirlmagic

Who Runs The World? Girls. This #womenshistorymonth is on steroids this year. So, many awesome events, honor, celebrations, nominations and creative online podcasts and seminar – my head is spinning and I’m grinning. I have never seen so much excitement, support and creative energy around women’s history month as I have this year.
Here are five reasons why I’m excited about Women’s History Month, and I think you read/watch or listen – you’ll see why too: 

  1. Alison Vaughn, this girl gets it done! For over 18 years she’s been clothing under-served women for FREE so they can go out and get that job! Jackets for Jobs, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that has been featured on Oprah, The View, Today Show and many other media outlets.  Not only that, but she’s been selected by the
    Michigan Association for Female Entrepreneurs to be part of the delegation of women entrepreneurs to go to UAE’s 21st Global Women Leaders Conference taking place on March 7-8, 2018 in Dubai. Did I say DUBAI (pronounced DOO-BY).  See details here. 
  2. And then there is Dr. Venus Opal Reese. OMG! She is the hosting The Black Woman Millionaire™ TourHeal Your Way to 7-Figure Success—On Your OWN Terms! #realtalk: This is the best time in human history for Black Women to be entrepreneurs. I will be hosting her on a FB Live a and on my podcast. So make sure you sign up on the email list to get the notification. This girl is on FIRE!
  3. Want to hear some leaders tell you how they do what they do and WHY? Listen up to Ignit2Impact Podcast with Dr. Geneva Williams.  The guests she’s having on this month: Third Generation business owner, Elizabeth Mays; Senior Vice President of Public Affairs for MGM Grand Detroit, Juliette Thorpe Okotie-Eboh, Ph.D; Social Entrepreneur, Rahama Wright is the Founder and CEO of Shea Yeleen Health and Beauty a social impact company she created after serving in the Peace Corps; Speaker, Best Selling Author & Find Your FIERCE Coach, Nicole Roberts Jones, CEO, FIERCE Factor Lab; and Founder and CEO of Women of More Organization, LLC, Michelle Washington. She has an organization that host events, workshops, and conferences that lead women to their ‘MORE’ and publishes a magazine!
  4. Women Helping Women. Women Empowering Women. Girlfriends praying for one another. See a theme?  We are world changers and history makers!  The cover of Speakers Magazine is showcasing Dee C. Marshall. She is off the chain! Her event, Women’s Empowerment, is in it’s 8th year and it’s a MUST ATTEND. I’ll have her on our podcast as well. But here’s a sneak-peek of the cover. 5. And finally I’m excited my sisters that always have it together and support me and make it possible to do what I love to do – which is promoting those speakers, authors and experts who have a dream and want to change the world.  Thank you to: Karen Taylor Bass, Felicia Davis, Gisele Bonds, Elayne Fluker, Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever, Becky Davis, Genma Holmes, Karen Dumas, Portia Lockett, Clara Wilkerson, Deborah Foster, Michelle Price,  Loretta Morman and Tamara Hartley. These ladies always have my  back – and are in my corner. We’re online friends and offline friends!  Love them! And of course my team Leah and Vernita! These ladies have been with me for years and I could not have done any of this business without them. ==> Girls! We run the world.  With that… let me introduce you to a fabulous choreographer,  my niece, Jennifer Hawkins. She choreographed the video below.  So proud of her. She has a dance school, The Zone Dance Center in Southfield, Michigan.  Ain’t we some bad mamma jammas?

Now, tell me who inspires you? Drop their info below – I’m all about connecting.
Would love to book them on a podcast or have them on mine. It’s all about collaboration, not competition.
We go further and faster together. We build each other up so we can all be strong.
Quoting Dr. Geneva Williams’ favorite saying: 

When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion. -African proverb

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