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Debuting The New Mother and Daughter Podcast: Whatever

aubrey and pam perry podcast

So, we’ve talked about it. Actually it was my 22-year-old daughter’s idea. Aubrey said, “Let’s do a podcast. Let’s chop it up and talk real talk.”

I asked, “About what?” I’m thinking since she’s in a digital marketing career since graduating from college that we’d talk business.

You know like talk about marketing, PR, branding – all the stuff I love. BUT Nope.

She wants to talk about “whatever.” So that’s what we got.

Aubrey perry

Our first episode we actually are talking about friendships…

and how social media plays a role in real and fake relationships

and how it’s different when I was her age…take a listen and let us know what you think.

I think I may have a branding guru in the making.

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