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How to be more Blogalicious in 8 Easy Steps

Do you worry about whether your blog offers quality content that your target readers will love?   Remember the movie, “Julie & Julia?” She was so excited when she got a comment!  Yes, it’s a good feeling. You’ve got fans! Lady Gaga calls herself “the luckiest girl on earth” because she has fans.  Comments mean […]

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11 Tips on How to get some INK from the Press

Here are some tips on getting a press release picked up by the media to generate interview requests from radio, newspapers and local TV.  If you have a special event or launching a new book or product and need to get some media attention – do these 11 things. 1.    Get newsworthy info into the […]

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How to Generate Clients and Customers with Keywords

I love social media because with my background in journalism, public relations and media production – creating good content comes easy.  CONTENT IS KING on the internet. Good content. You hear the term “content is king”, well it is. That’s one of the ways people are going to get to know you. You don’t sell […]

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9 Launch Like a Superstar with Pam Perry

How to Brand on a Budget and 5 Resources to Help

Branding on a budget can be a good thing for creativity.  And the new currency in this economy is digital creativity. In other words, you have put some SWAG in your Social media. Yep, social media swag will get your noticed in this noisy world.  Social Media Swag will get you clients, customers and most […]

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8 Ways to Get Started in Social Media

How does one start and keep a social media strategy going? People are getting so frustrated with social media because it’s changing so fast and something new every week. A lot of authors, artists and entrepreneurs think it’s the “magic bullet” and others think it’s  “bunch of hype” and a waste of time. And then […]

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Online Branding Tool You Must Have

There is so much noise online. You want to stand out. You need to build your brand identity and increase your brand equity online. You don’t want to be faceless “mystery man.”  Your goal is to build visibility and recognition.  What’s the simplest, quickest way to across the internet? Do this one thing: get a […]

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2013 Launch Your Dreams [Video]

I have made up my mind in 2013 not to waste time with folks who are not serious about their dreams. That means if you want to write a book. Write it. Quit wishing. Just do it. That means if you want to speak. Start speaking. Quit waiting to be asked, create your own event. […]

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Christian Fiction Booster: Dee Stewart

The Christian fiction market’s superstar, Dee Stewart, was always abreast of the new ways to market books. She was one of my first “friends” on Myspace (yes, that long ago). Over the years we would virtually meet on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Uterrli, Blogtalkradio, Talkshoe, Youtube, Pinterest, Digg and any new social media. We were both […]

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What is PR Worth in 2012?

How much will you pay for a national publicity hit on TV or in a print publication? What is it worth to you?  How much would you pay a publicist to deliver your “wish list” of media hits? What’s your media “bounty?” Well, an established brand looking to “rebrand” listed their feature story wish-list for […]

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Synergy Energy, the formula for Business Success

Despite the economy, many people are pursuing their dreams and succeeding by playing with a new set of rules. In what looks like a scene from an old science fiction movie, many people appear to have stopped dead in their tracks when it comes to moving their business forward, paralyzed by fear and unable to […]

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