No Magic Wand: The Hard Work Behind Securing Spots in Essence and Black Enterprise

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Ā Navigating the landscape of major media placements, such as Essence and Black Enterprise, requires more than just the desire to be featured; it demands a strategic approach, a compelling narrative, and, yes, a bit of patience and investment.

Let’s break down the journey toward earning that coveted spotlight in a major publication, emphasizing the critical elements of strategy, time, money, and the indispensable value of a story that resonates.

Crafting Your Unique Story

First things first, before even dreaming about a feature in Essence or Black Enterprise, it’s imperative to ask yourself: What is my unique story? These publications are in the business of engaging, educating, and inspiring their readers with stories that are compelling, culturally relevant, and informative.

Your narrative must not only align with their values but also stand out in a sea of pitches. It’s not merely about having an interesting background or a groundbreaking product; it’s about weaving a narrative that captures the essence of what makes you unique and how it contributes to the broader conversation within the African American community and beyond!

Building a PR Footprint

Entering the arena without a PR footprint is akin to showing up to a marathon without trainingā€”you’re simply not prepared for what’s ahead. Building a presence means establishing yourself as a thought leader in your field, contributing valuable insights, engaging with your community, and consistently showcasing your expertise across various platforms. This groundwork is crucial; it lays the foundation upon which your media outreach strategy will stand. Without it, even the most enthusiastic pitch is likely to fall flat.

Embracing Strategy, Time, and Investment

Ā āž” Securing a spot in major media is not a sprint; it’s a marathon that requires a well-thought-out strategy, time, and a willingness to invest resources. Here’s where many misunderstand the process. It’s not about having a “connection” or a “hookup.” While relationships in the industry can indeed open doors, they are not a substitute for a compelling story and a strategic approach.

  • Strategy: Understand the audience of the publication you’re targeting. What do they care about? How does your story align with these interests? Tailor your pitch to demonstrate this alignment while highlighting what sets you apart.
  • Time: Building relationships with journalists, crafting tailored pitches, and establishing your presence takes time. Patience is key. It’s not uncommon for these efforts to unfold over several monthsā€”or even longer.
  • Investment: Beyond the investment of time, there may be financial costs associated with crafting your PR strategy. This can include hiring a PR professional, attending networking events, and investing in high-quality materials that showcase your brand. Average investment is about $5K.

The Bottom Line

Achieving a feature in Essence or Black Enterprise is a commendable goal, but it requires more than just wishful thinking. It demands a strategic approach, a compelling narrative, the cultivation of a robust PR footprint, and a readiness to invest time and resources into your journey. No Magic Wand: The Hard Work Behind Securing Spots in Essence and Black Enterprise Share on X


So, to the aspiring author/speaker/entrepreneur looking to make their mark, let this be a motivational push to start laying the groundwork today. Get in #ReadySetGoSpeak and have a PR pro guide you to success.Ā 

Your story has power, but it’s your strategy and commitment that will ultimately propel you into the spotlight. Keep pushing, keep shining, and remember, every media mogul started somewhere. Get a coach and get some quick media coverage first.Ā  Your journey is just beginning. Let’s make it count.